Aeotec Home Energy Meter - One Clamp GEN5 (60A)

Aeotec Home Energy Meter - One Clamp GEN5 (60A)

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  • Brand:Aeotec
  • Support:Full UK/EU Based Tech Support
  • Technology:✓ Z-Wave

The Aeon Labs Smart Energy Monitor is a low-cost energy monitor for the entire home. It can wirelessly report immediate wattage and kWh usage to central control point gateways and can be easily installed. Installed in an electricity box, the energy meter will monitor the total consumption of electricity used by an entire building. And its intelligent clamps will report that energy use back to your control point, in watts or kilowatt-hours, and in real time. So you can see how much electricity you really use and when you use it.

The main body is anchored using a back mount. The device is powered from a normal AC power supply. The device has one clamp and reports W and kWH (up to 60 Ampere).

Fully Compatible
+ FIB_HOMEC2 (Revision 4.160)
+ FIB_FGHCL (Revision 4.160)
+ POPE011801 (Revision V2.2.5)
+ POPE011801 (Revision V2.3.8)
+ ZMEEUZBWAY (Revision V2.2.5)
+ ZMEEUZBWAY (Revision V2.3.8)
+ ZMEEUZBWD (Revision V2.3.8)
+ ZMEEUZBWD (Revision V2.2.5)
+ ZMEERAZ2 (Revision V2.3.8)
+ ZMEERAZ2 (Revision V2.2.5)
+ ZMEEUZB1 (Revision V2.3.8)
+ ZMEEUZB1 (Revision V2.2.5)
+ ZIP_Zipabox-G1 (Revision 1.1.38)

Partly Compatible
+ FIB_HOMEC2 (Revision 4.100)
+ FIB_FGHCL (Revision 4.100)
+ POPE011801 (Revision V2.3.7RC)
+ ZMEEUZBWAY (Revision V2.3.7RC)
+ ZMEEUZBWD (Revision V2.3.7RC)
+ ZMEERAZ2 (Revision V2.3.7RC)
+ ZMEEUZB1 (Revision V2.3.7RC)

NOT Compatible
+ ZIP_Zipabox-G1 (Revision 1.1.39)