Heiman Gas Sensor

Heiman Gas Sensor

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  • Brand:Heiman
  • Support:Full UK/EU Based Tech Support
  • Technology:✓ Z-Wave

An unnoticed gas leakage can cause a huge danger - not only for your home, but also for your life and limb.

The Gas Sensor of Heiman protects you against escaping combustible gas by reliably warning you if a defined limit value is exceeded.

With its acoustic alarm (75db of 1m distance) you get warned early to look up the gas leakage or to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. The reliable gas sensor detects natural gas, coal gas as well as many other combustible gases and it is recommended for the use in kitchens or in the heating cellar.

The gas sensor also functions as a Z-Wave repeater in your Z-Wave network.

+ Working Voltage: AC100V~240V
+ Average Power Supply: ≤1.5W
+ Sound Alarm: 75dB/1m
+ Alarm Sensitivity: 6%LEL±3%LEL
+ Networking: Z-Wave Ad-Hoc Network
+ Wireless Networking Distance: ≤100m (in the open area)
+ Working Environment: -10℃~+50℃
+ Working Humidity Maximum 95%RH
+ Dimension: 79*68*45.5mm

Fully Compatible
+ FIB_HOMEC2 (Revision 4.520)
+ FIB_FGHCL (Revision 4.520)
+ POPE011801 (Revision 2.3.8)
+ ZMEEUZBWAY (Revision 2.3.8)
+ ZMEEUZBWD (Revision 2.3.8)
+ ZMEERAZ2 (Revision 2.3.8)

Partly Compatible
+ FIB_HOMEC2 (Revision 4.510)
+ FIB_HOMEC2 (Revision 4.180)
+ FIB_FGHCL (Revision 4.170)
+ POPE011801 (Revision 2.3.7)
+ ZMEEUZBWAY (Revision 2.3.7)
+ ZMEEUZBWD (Revision 2.3.7)
+ ZMEERAZ2 (Revision 2.3.7)
+ ZMEEUZB1 (Revision 2.3.7)

NOT Compatible

Heiman Gas Sensor