Project or end result? Were is the pleasure?
06 APR  2019


We recently received a budget product in that I'd been looking forward to getting for a while. During the setup process I decided to dust off some of my old Home Automation Skills and see what extra functions I could get out of the device.

When we first started out in Home Automation, after years in Industrial Controls we were quite disappointed in the lack of a "Standard" in Home Automation.
We did however learn to improvise and make things work!

Over time we have seen a few "Standards" rise and fall, the introduction of IFTTT and Stringify and a host of devices using Smart Life as their base.

These things are great, but like a huge number of Home Automation enthusiasts we ended slowly migrating to a Controller (Or Control Software) which does all the computing locally, works with a vast array of products and well, just works.
To compliment that we also migrated the vast majority of our system over to Z-Wave over the same period, a decision that again many people end up doing when they realise that to get the functions and reliability that are looking for there is little other choice in the end.

With this we had a stable system, things worked, and due to the vast range of devices we could get for Zwave, and the Plugins available for Homeseer we didn't have to mess about getting things to work together. 

And things working together after all is the whole point of Automation!


So back to the point, we received a product that is App controlled, through its own App. It's great, really great for the money as it happens. 
And it does exactly as advertised. 

But that little devil appeared on the shoulder... 

Automate it. Make it do things it not supposed to.

That's when I realised I'd been missing something lately, with using all the great things that just work together seamlessly, and paying the premium in the process I've missed out on the fun of trying to see what's possible!

We took our new gadget and paired it up to our "Always On" tablet, used Tasker to listen for its notifications and created a link from it to our Homeseer device. 

Guide here if interested how.

From there we used Homeseer to run further events and email alerts based on this.

When you remember how its not hard to open up all these extra functions, often it's your imagination holding you back. It just made me wonder if as things get easier in Home Automation if it as much fun anymore?


We all have that sense of satisfaction when things work out how we planned.

That simple light that comes on when we speak, right up to complex rules where things come on and off following us through the house without us having to do anything other than just move, it all brings that thrill.

We have recently started our journey creating "What Is?" articles and "Guides" to explain some terms and help our readers get the most out of their Smart Home, this has so far been a great experience for us as its an excuse to start getting under the hood of things again and testing our skills and memories.

We'd LOVE to know what gives YOU the most pleasure in your Smart Home.
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If you have a suggestion of a "Guide" or "What Is?" article you'd like to see, or a product, brand or tool you'd like to see us stock let us know.

Chris, Home Control Shop