Will an Alarm & CCTV System keep me safe?
10 MARCH  2019


When buying or renting a new apartment or home, security is always going to be a concern. 

Before you agree to rent, sign a lease or make an offer, you will want to take the time to survey the neighbourhood. There are many security concerns for renters and home owners to worry about, and they can all be resolved with a little pre-planning and preparation. 

CCTV Systems and Alarm Sirens are a good visual deterrent and have their place but there are almost useless unless you take other simple steps to compliment them. Even if you are looking at a relatively safe neighbourhood, you can never be too careful because it's better to be safer than sorry. 

Here are some things you should do or look into before signing. 


Insurance is always an investment, but a good one at that, since policies can cover quite a bit depending on which one you decide to go with. Some apartment complexes will enforce residents to purchase renter's insurance, depending on your location. Most of the time, policies will cover the value of any possessions lost in the case of burglary. 

Contents insurance can be relatively cost-efficient and will ensure that your belongings are covered in case they are stolen. Contents cover for home owners is often rolled into one “Buildings & Contents” policy for home owners. 

One of the things to look out for and prepare for is what proof do you need if you were in the position you had to claim. In the event of loss or total loss it is advisable to have as many receipts and photographs of your possessions as you can. Store these photographs and copies of receipts on a USB/CD but also on a “Cloud Drive”. Most Email providers such as Hotmail and Gmail will give you some free storage, also the likes of “Drop Box” can be used. 

Lastly check if you have to declare items over a certain value. It is quite common to have to declare any single item over £1000. With the price of TV’s, Laptops and even Bicycles regularly being over this amount now it's worth checking with your provider what you need to declare.   


It is wise for you to make sure that you get a good security system for your home, and this includes the doorknob, handle, and lock on your front and back door. Try to pick out a sturdy, good one that will lock with extra security measures for the safety of your home. 

The front and back doors used to enter the house must be sturdy, but don't forget about your windows as well. Depending on the neighbourhood you are in, you might want to consider good window locks.


Try to get to know the people in your neighbourhood, especially your next door neighbours. If you are not home for whatever reason, they will be able to alert you in case there’s a package delivery or a break in while you are not at home. 

Since they will be familiar with you and other people in the neighbourhood, they will know as soon as someone stranger tries to get into your house. It's also good for you to get to know who is around you anyways so that you are aware of who is living right beside you or down the street. 

These days we are used to hearing alarms going off, and generally people’s first reaction is that it’s a false alarm. Due to this we always recommend a smart system which notifies you combined with App controlled internal and external cameras so you can log in and check yourself. 

By knowing your neighbours you may have someone local you can call to drop in for you to assist until you can return home. 


With today's technology, home security systems have become very convenient and technologically advanced. 

With wireless cameras, cloud syncing, and real-time live feed, you will be able to watch over your home, even when you are away. 

Setting up your security cameras do not have to be a hassle. You will just need to activate them by connecting them to your WiFi network then place them where you want them to be and voila! Your system is set up.

Newer cameras also come with a mobile application so that you can see what is going on in your home at all times. 

Home Control Shop provides modern CCTV & Home Automation that keeps your home secure & safe from intruders, shop with us or get in touch to see how we can help today!