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What would work for me? What do I need? How does it work? All questions we hear asked and hopefully we can bring a little clarity to.


Wired (Ethernet) cameras need a cable connecting them back to your router or back to a Network Video Recorder (NVR). These cameras can be powered by a 12v power supply or can be powered by the same Network Cable (CAT5/6) so you only need one cable to communicate and power the camera. This is known as Power over Ethernet. This power can come from the NVR or from a PoE Injector or PoE Switch.

Wired cameras tend to be available in higher resolution (better potential image quality) than Wireless or Battery cameras.


Wireless communicating cameras still need to get their power from somewhere. They normally come with a 12v adapter which you plug into the mains near where the camera will be mounted then you can conceal the wire in the wall between the camera and source.

These use your WiFi network to communicate with the Foscam App and are dependent on the quality of your WiFi. Foscams FN3104W-B4 comes with its own dedicated WiFi network which works independently. These cameras can still be paired with a regular NVR connected to your router but also most can accept an SD card and record on the camera.


These systems are completely wire free, being recharged every few weeks or months. These cameras generally are used where wiring is impractical or impossible. Through smart use of motion sensing to record battery life can now expect a decent life from there products without compromising on image quality.


We pride ourselves in being able to offer options for all applications. We are able to offer a large range of both Indoor and Outdoor cameras designed to be installed in various different ways.


Our outdoor ranges of cameras are all IP rated, designed for and proven in the UK climate. There are a range of junction boxed and other accessories to assist installing. The outdoor ranges come in a variety of shapes and sizes for all applications, with Domes, Fixed Bullet Cameras, Wired and Wireless right up to our personal favourite camera the Foscam FI9928P which is motorised and provides an incredible image.


Our indoor cameras can be easily wall (or even ceiling mounted) but most are just as easily placed on a desk or work surface. Foscams Compact range (C1 & C2) has a base which can be wall mounted. The R2 and R4 are motorised and come supplied with a wall mount kit. The Foscam E1 Battery Camera can be mounted anywhere and moved about so giving you unlimited options to protect your property.