Connecting you to your Home when you are not able to be there.


Looking Smart is the ability to see what is happening at home even when you are not able to be there. It makes you feel connected and in control. 


Using modern cameras both inside and outside your home or business you are able to see and hear all that goes on from anywhere in the world on your mobile device. We can supply WiredWireless, Indoor, Outdoor, Motorised, Fixed and even Battery cameras so we have something to cover any of your needs. We even stock Video Doorbells and additional Chimes.


Not only can you view what is happening at home from anywhere, by adding an SD card to one of our Indoor or Outdoor cameras, you can also add full recording facilities or even subscribe to "Cloud" recording services.
With any of these recording methods you are able to connect via Computer, or mobile App and view potentially weeks worth of footage. 
Recording when there is motion or sound triggers extends the recording time of in these devices and often a recorder or large SD card will hold weeks worth of captured footage. 


At Home Control Shop we know that Video isn't the only way you can see what is going on. We live in a time where data is everywhere, we can use Sensors in our home to give us the data to see what is happening.


We have a wide choice of Z-Wave & WiFi Motion Sensors and Z-Wave & WiFi Door/Window Sensors which can be used to alert you to any unexpected visitors. Paired with a Smart Home Controller you can receive messages and warnings when the Plumber Locks the door, when the Cleaner Leaves, when a package arrives or even when the kids come home. 
Keeping you informed keeps you connected to your home like never before.


There are an almost limitless range of devices that can be added to your home to further keep you connected and protected.
From Solar Sirens, Z-Wave & WiFi enabled LocksKeypads and Mains Sirens.

With the additions of these devices you can build your own Smart, Protected Home.