Getting started


Vera have been a Smart Home gateway manufacturer for a considerable time and have long been at the cutting edge of DIY Smart Home.

With their easy to navigate interface, high level of customisation and community developed Apps and a strong online community they are a fantastic starting point for building a Z-Wave network.

Compatible with Alexa. Google Assistant and IFTTT due to be released shortly.

Vera provide lots of information on their own website but we will address some of the early questions you may have in this guide.

For more advanced information check out;

Vera Website

Vera Forum

If you are having issues you want to discuss with us drop us an email at;

Getting Started with VERA

VERA Dashboard Navigation

Adding Z-Wave Devices to VERA

VERA Scenes - How to

VERA How to - Modes

VERA Enabling Security

VERA Tips & Tricks Z-Wave 

VERA Geo Fencing

VERA Adding Cameras