Energenie Mi|Home Thermostat and eTRV Pack

Energenie Mi|Home Thermostat and eTRV Pack

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  • Technology:✓433Mhz OpenThings ✓ Alexa ✓ IFTTT ✓ Google Home

The Energenie Mi|Home Thermostat and eTRV Pack consists of:

Energenie Mi|Home Thermostat (One)

The Mi|Home Thermostat is part of Energenie's heating range of products and part of the Mi|Home home automation range. The heating range includes the radio controlled Mi|Home thermostat, and radio controlled Smart Radiator Valves, additional valves available separately.

Mi|Home products link directly to the Mi|Home Gateway which provides the communications between your Mi|Home device and the internet.

The Mi|Home thermostat is suitable for switching any standard domestic boiler (see Technical). The Mi|Home Thermostat connects to the boiler with a simple 2-wire connection and is battery powered. On-board controls to adjust temperature and turn the thermostat on/off are provided. The thermostat also senses occupancy and humidity which can be viewed in the App.

Energenie Mi|Home Smart Radiator Valve (Three)

The Mi|Home Smart Radiator Valve is a monitor and control product. The Mi|Home Radiator Valve allows you to monitor the temperature and then adjust the radiator temperature setting, turning the radiator heat up or down depending on your settings and rules.

Using the App you are able to group these in to room or areas and create zoned heating areas. You are able to use all the control features in the Mi|Home App including simple on/off, timers and geo-fencing.

+ Control Radiators to Regulate Heating in the Room
+ Set Different Temperatures in Different Rooms using Zonal Heating
+ Save Money and Energy using Zonal Heating
+ Using Timers to Set Certain Temperatures at Certain Times During the Day
+ Compatible with IFTTT

Energenie Mi|Home Gateway (One)

The Mi|Home Gateway provides the communications between all your MiHome devices and the internet. The Mi|Home system enables you to control your heating, lighting and appliances over the internet anywhere in the world. The Mi|Home Gate is the centre point of the Mi|Home system.

It is powered by a 5V micro-usb power supply and connects to your router via an ethernet cable. Both the ethernet cable and the power supply are included with the gateway.

The Gateway enables you to control all the Mi|Home actuators via an iOS and Android App as well as via a web browser. The App can be downloaded by searching MiHome. Other features of the system include Geofencing and IFTTT.

Energenie Mi|Home Thermostat

+ Radio: 433MHz OpenThings
+ Batteries (2 x AA (LR6))
+ Voltage Range 220 – 240 V 50Hz ac
+ Temperature, humidity and presence sensor
+ Temperature accuracy ±0.3°C LED display Switching
+ Rating: DC 2A/30V max, AC 0.25A/230V max
+ Max Power: 62.5VA / 60W Relay
+ Type: Single pole, volt free, dry contacts
+ Dimensions: 100 x 100 x 25 mm
+ Weight 150g
+ Rx Frequency: 433.9 MHz
+ Range: 30 m in open area

Energenie Mi|Home Smart Radiator Valve

+ Radio remote control: FSK, 434.3MHz, 2 way
+ Protocol: OpenThings
+ Radio range: Approx. 25m in open air
+ Set temperature range: 0°C to 30°C
+ Reported temperature range: -10°C to 30°C
+ Temperature range for storage: -20°C to +60°C
+ Temperature range working: +5°C to +40°C
+ Maximum circulation temp: 90°C
+ Comfort temperature (boost): 21°C
+ Application group: Central Generation
+ Zone type: Maintained or Intermittent
+ Batteries: Two 1.5V AA alkaline LR6
+ Battery life in use: Up to 1½ years
+ Size without base-ring (HxWxD): 103 x 45 x 45 mm
+ Size with base-ring (HxWxD): 120 x 45 x 45 mm
+ Weight with batteries: Ca. 230g
+ Protection class: IP20

Energenie Mi|Home Gateway

Ports & interfaces
+ Connectivity technology: Wired
+ Ethernet LAN Y
+ WiFi: N

+ Colour of product: White
+ LED indicators: Y

+ Input voltage: 5
+ Input current: 0.15

Please note: There is a limit of 28 devices paired to one gateway. However, multiple gateways can work on one account further extending the amount of devices to can be used.

This product requires the Mi|Home Gateway MIHO001 for app control functions