Hank Motion Sensor

Hank Motion Sensor

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  • Brand:Hank
  • Support:Full UK/EU Based Tech Support
  • Technology:✓ Z-Wave

Protect yourself and also your loved ones in your own four walls while you know if there is somebody moving in your home. As a part of your Smart Home it informs dependably about every motion in your home.

The Hank Motion Sensor with a compact design like a ball reacts to that what is occurring in your home in real-time. By the compact design and the easy installation, which is nearly anywhere possible, the battery operated sensor fits very well in your rooms. It can be placed in a corner, on the walls or on the ceiling.

In addition to other devices of the Z-Wave family you can switch the lights automatically to create the right and requested lighting in your home. Or you expand your security system with the Hank Motion Sensor to get an alert if an unauthorised person moves in your four walls.

+ Motion Sensor in spherical design
+ Easy installation in corners, on walls and ceilings thanks to its magnetic holder
+ Low battery alert
+ Power supply: Micro USB 5V or battery CR123A
+ Dimensions (WxHxL): 50 x 50 x 50 mm
+ Wireless Technology: Z-Wave Plus

Partly Compatible
+ POPE011801 (Revision 2.3.7RC)
+ ZMEEUZBWAY (Revision 2.3.7RC)
+ ZMEEUZBWD (Revision 2.3.7RC)
+ ZMEERAZ2 (Revision 2.3.7RC)
+ ZMEEUZB1 (Revision 2.3.7RC)
+ ZIP_Zipabox-G1

NOT Compatible
+ POPE011801 (Revision 2.3.8-rc3)
+ ZMEEUZBWAY (Revision 2.3.8-rc3)
+ MCVEVERA_PLUS (Revision 1.7.3532)
+ ZMEEUZBWD (Revision 2.3.8-rc3)
+ ZMEERAZ2 (Revision 2.3.8-rc3)
+ ZMEEUZB1 (Revision 2.3.8-rc3)