Heiman Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Heiman Temperature & Humidity Sensor

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  • Brand:Heiman
  • Support:Full UK/EU Based Tech Support
  • Technology:✓ Z-Wave

Do you know when it is the right moment to air your rooms? With the Heiman Temperature & Humidity Sensor you get an overview in real-time over the temperature and the humidity in your rooms that you can react. The sensor detects even the smallest changes and reports to you if you want. So you can avoid mould in your own 4 walls effectively.

Thanks to its low energy consumption you can enjoy the battery-operated device for a long time. The small sensor fits into different places and has got a wide usage, for example in the bath and the kitchen. But also the cellar has to be aired well.

+ Sensor for monitoring the temperature and humidity
+ Helps your avoid mould
+ Numerous usage
+ Power supply: Battery 1x CR2450
+ Long lifetime due low energy consumption
+ Wireless Technology: Z-Wave Plus

+ Working Voltage: DC3V
+ Static Current ≤10uA
+ Working Environment: -10℃~+50℃
+ Working humidity Maximum 95%RH
+ Networking: Z-Wave Ad-Hoc Network
+ Wireless Networking Distance: ≤100m (in the open area)
+ Dimension: 60*60*20.8mm

Fully Compatible
+ POPE011801

NOT Compatible

Heiman Temperature & Humidity Sensor