MCO Home Glass Touch Switch (2 Buttons)

MCO Home Glass Touch Switch (2 Buttons)

No Longer Available

  • Brand:MCO Home
  • Technology:✓ Z-Wave

The TPS312 by MCO Home is a wall switch with 2 integrated switch relays for British standard wall boxes. The relays can be controlled both with the touch switches, which are integrated into the glass surface, and via Z-Wave commands. The relays can switch two loads with up to 1,100 watts each. Beside local switching the device can be used to control two groups of directly associated devices. A blue LED on every button indicates the switching status.

The wall switch can be easily connected to an electrical load without installing a flush mounted module separately. The relays are located inside a module which is directly connected to the glass touch button. With that MCO Home wall switch you can replace any switch insert or toggle switch. The wall switch can be mounted on any flush box.

With the stylish glass wall switches by MCO Home you can easily integrate your already installed lights into your home automation network. Without installing any news cable, you can switch your lighting as usual via wall switch – but thanks to Z-Wave technology also via remote control, smartphone or sensor-controlled automation.

+ Wall switch with 2 integrated relays
+ Suitable for British wall boxes
+ Stylish glass touch switch (two buttons)
+ Ready-to-fit, incl. glass frame
+ Replaces complete wall switch
+ 2 Relays with up to 1,100W / 230VAC each
+ Integrated status LED
+ Enables Associations
+ For 3-wire systems, neutral needed
+ Wireless Technology: Z-Wave
+ Dimensions: 86x86x39 mm

Fully Compatible
+ POPE011801
+ ZIP_Zipabox-G1