MySmartBlinds - Automation Kit for Horizontal Blinds

MySmartBlinds - Automation Kit for Horizontal Blinds

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  • Brand:MySmartBlinds
  • Technology:✓ Bluetooth

The MySmartBlinds Automation Kit controls the tilting of your horizontal blinds on a schedule and on demand from your smartphone. Whether you want more light or more privacy, we've got you covered - at all the right times.

+ Control your horizontal blinds from your smart device
+ Enable Energy Savings mode for instant utility savings
+ Let MySmartBlinds remember your scheduled preferences and repeat them
+ Simply charge MySmartBlinds with solar power (solar panel sold separately)
+ Compatible with iOS and Android devices

Energy Savings Mode - Instant savings on utility bills
Voice Control - Alexa and Google Assistant-enabled (MySmartBlinds bridge required for connectivity)
Sun-tracking - Keep schedules updated as the seasons change
Onboard Memory - The MySmartBlinds motor retains all preferences
Scheduling - Set it and forget it
Solar Power - Harness energy from the sun to power MySmartBlinds and maintain peace of mind with battery updates in the app (charging options sold separately)
All Access - Give control of your blinds to any member of your household on any number of smart devices
Simple Installation - Use the included hardware to install the Automation Kit in minutes with helpful installation video tutorials - no tools necessary

+ Motor box
+ Battery pack
+ Manual switch
+ Rod adaptors for all tilt rod shapes
+ Cable clips to manage cords
+ Rubber tubing ends for tilt rod
+ Solar panel/charging cable sold as add-on item

How many blinds can one kit automate?

The MySmartBlinds Automation Kit will work with only one blind. You will need one kit for each blind you would like to automate.

Is the Automation Kit compatible with my existing blinds?

The MySmartBlinds Automation Kit is designed to automate all major brands of horizontal 2-3" blinds. The Kit is not compatible with vertical blinds, cordless lift blinds, roller shades, or shutters.

Compatible brands include: Hunter Douglas, Home Decorators Collection, Norman, Levolor, Springs, allen + roth, Smith & Noble, Budget Blinds, Bali, A Better Blind,, Achim, Kohl's, justblinds, MyBlinds, Factory Direct, Chicology, Hampton Bay, Maxxmar,, Lafayette, JCPenney, Select Blinds, Kellie Clements, Blindsgalore, Graber, Comfortex, and more.

Do I need to purchase an automation hub in order for my blinds to work with my phone?

No. MySmartBlinds work without a hub. Simply download the MySmartBlinds app for iOS or Android to control from a smart device. MySmartBlinds will be compatible with Amazon Echo, Google Home & Samsung SmartThings in 2018 with a Smart Bridge, for those customers who want to integrate their blinds into their home automation system. Click here to learn more about integrating with your smart home.

Will MySmartBlinds work when I am not within Bluetooth range?

Yes. Every MySmartBlinds motor box has onboard memory. When a schedule is created from a smart device, the blinds reliably function on that schedule, even when the device is out of range. For on demand control from a smart device, users do need to be in Bluetooth range, or have a Smart Bridge set up and configured.

How does the Smart Bridge work? 

The Smart Bridge will allow you to control your phone from anywhere and will give you added voice control of your blinds. The Smart Bridge uses Bluetooth to talk to your MySmartBlind devices and receives commands via WiFi and IoT Communication. So when you are away from home and you want to move your blinds, you can send a command from the MySmartBlinds app, which sends the command over Wifi to your Smart Bridge and then your Smart Bridge will send a Bluetooth command to your MySmartBlind devices.

What is Sun Tracking?

Sun tracking allows your blinds to track the sunrise and sunset. If you enable Sun Tracking on your schedule then the room schedule will track and continue to remain at that relationship to the sunrise and sunset throughout the season. For example if you have set your schedule to 9am with sunrise being 8am in the summer and enable sun tracking. You have set your blinds to continue to open an hour after sunrise. So when the sunrise gets later in the winter and shifts to 9am, your blinds will open at 10am allowing you keep the light levels in your house consistent.

How do I know a day is selected for scheduling?

When you are setting up schedules from within the MySmartBlinds app, you can tell a day is selected to perform that schedule if the box for the letter of the day is blue. This means that the schedule is selected to work on that day.