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  • Brand:OOMI
  • Technology:✓ Z-Wave

Know what you breathe

Check the current air quality inside of your home and get notified if it becomes unsafe for you and your family.

Plug and Done

Just attach OOMI Air to the back of OOMI Cube and you’re all set. Air helps by detecting dangerous chemicals and notifying you if the air quality becomes unsafe.

Fine Particulate Matter

OOMI Air detects PM2.5- fine particulate matter that is 40 times smaller than the width of a human hair. It is an air pollutant that can cause short and long term health problems, from throat irritation to allergies and heart disease.

The US Environmental Protection Agency, European Environmental Agency, and the World Health Organization have all set forth guidelines for acceptable levels of PM2.5. OOMI Air helps you make sure that the air you and your family breathe is clean and safe.

Volatile Organic Compounds

Volatile Organic Compounds, known as VOCs, are emitted into the air by chemicals that can be found in new furniture, paint, and construction. Long-term exposure to VOCs contributes to sick-building syndrome.

According to The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the concentration of volatile organic compounds can be 2 to 5 times greater in indoor air than the air outside. Place OOMI Air in areas of the house that you’re working on to be safe.

+ Attaches to OOMI Cube
+ PM2.5 Sensor Range: 0-800ug/m3
+ VOC Sensor Range: 0-99ug/m3
+ Dimensions: 2.7 x 2.7 x 1.3 inches