Popp Door Opener Controller

Popp Door Opener Controller

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  • Brand:Popp
  • Support:Full UK/EU Based Tech Support
  • Technology:✓ Z-Wave

With the first Z-Wave controlled electronic door opener the house entrance door – especially in multi-family houses – can be integrated into home automation. The Popp door opener controller replaces the existing door opener, communicates encrypted with the Z-Wave control center and enables wireless door opening with remote controls, smartphone or tablet pc. This way you can enter the house without using a key. Furthermore, you can open the door for your children when on the move. Your children don’t need an own key.

In multi-family houses, the small Popp door opener module will be installed at any separate apartment’s intercom directly and included into the Z-Wave System there.

The door opener works with battery or can be powered over the bell transformer’s power supply. It is also possible to connect door mechanisms with monitor contact.

Option: Popp Kit: Door Opener Controller + Door Opener (Strike Lock) POPE700007

+ Integrates electrical door opener into the Z-Wave network
+ Remote control for door opener
+ For single- and multi-family houses
+ Power Supply: Battery or bell transformer
+ Wireless Technology: Z-Wave Plus
+ Dimensions: 56x25x14 mm

Fully Compatible
+ FIB_HOMEC2 (Revision 4.150)
+ FIB_FGHCL (Revision 4.090)
+ POPE011801

Partly Compatible
+ FIB_HOMEC2 (Revision 4.100)
+ FIB_HOMEC2 (Revision 4.120)
+ FIB_HOMEC2 (Revision 4.140)
+ FIB_HOMEC2 (Revision 4.180)
+ FIB_FGHCL (Revision 4.170)
+ ZIP_Zipabox-G1

NOT Compatible
+ HOMEE-0002