Sensative Strips Drip

Sensative Strips Drip

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  • Brand:Sensative
  • Support:Full UK/EU Based Tech Support
  • Technology:✓ Z-Wave

Water leak & Temperature Sensor

Strip Drip by Sensative is an ultra-thin Z-Wave sensor (3mm), which is designed to detect any leakage of liquids in your home. Besides that the Strip also measures the temperature, light and moisture. With that the sensor can also be used to report potential heat or freezing alarms to your Z-Wave gateway.

The Drip can be installed easily and anywhere, where there is a danger of leakage. Typical places are underneath a washing machine or sink. The sensor is connected via Z-Wave to your gateway. The sensor includes a special designed mounting plate, which soaks up even a small amount of liquid. Because of that the sensor immediately informs you about any leakage. The device needs no wiring and has a built in battery with up to 10 years lifetime.

Optional Accessories:
+ For when you need to replace your Sensative Strips Mounting Plate for Drip
+ Replacement Sensative Round Magnet
+ Replacement Sensative Rectangular Magnet

+ Radio protocol: Z-Wave Plus, 868.4MHz
+ Power Supply: Built-in 3.0V LiMnO2 battery
+ Battery life: 10 years
+ RF range : Up to 40m point to point
+ Temperature accuracy: +/- 2°C (-20 to 0°C), +/- 1°C (0 to +30°C), +/- 2°C (+30 to +60°C)
+ Operation conditions: -20 to +60°C. Indoor and outdoor usage
+ Dimensions: Sensor 195 x 15 x 3mm, mounting plate 193 x 14.7 x 2.7mm

Fully Compatible*

+ Popp Hub Powered POPE700823 - (Revision 2.3.8-rc3 - 0.4)

Popp Hub Smart Home Gateway POPE011801 - (Revision 2.3.8-rc3 - 0.4)

+ RaZberry EU ZMEERAZ - (Revision 2.3.8-rc3 - 0.4) USB Stick incl. Z-Way Controller Software ZMEEUZBWAY - (Revision 2.3.8-rc3 - 0.4)

+ Z-Wave USB Stick - For WD My Cloud ZMEEUZBWD - (Revision 2.3.8-rc3 - 0.4)

Z-Wave.Me RaZberry2 Z-Wave Module ZMEERAZ2 - (Revision 2.3.8-rc3 - 0.4)

Z-Wave.Me UZB Smart Home Stick ZMEEUZB1 - (Revision 2.3.8-rc3 - 0.4)

Partly Compatible*

+ Fibaro Home Center 2 FIB_HOMEC2 - (Revision 4.180 - 0.4) - LUX, temperature and moisture do not work correctly  

+ Fibaro Home Center Lite FIB_FGHCL - (Revision 4.170 - 0.4) - LUX, temperature and moisture do not work correctly

NOT Compatible*

Vera Plus Smart Home Gateway MCVEVERA_PLUS - (Revision 1.7.4001 - 0.4) - Water detection is missing

+ Zipato Zipatile Black ZIPETILEZIG-B - (Revision 1.3.13e - 0.4) - Water detection is missing

Zipato Zipatile White ZIPETILEZIG-W - (Revision 1.3.13e - 0.4) - Water detection is missing


SmartThings, Hubatat, Open Source software and other community driven Home Automation devices are not listed as these have both Manufacturer/Publisher compatibility alongside community created "Drivers" or "Handlers" so all Z-Wave & Zigbee devices are technically compatible with the correct driver.

*Compatibility chart correct at time of publishing, products may have been incorporated in more recent firmware. If your product shows as partly or not compatible please check on the manufacturers website or forum for updates.