TKB Home Thermostat Touchpanel

TKB Home Thermostat Touchpanel

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  • Brand:TKB Home
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The new thermostat of TKB Home is a digital thermostat which is designed for electric floor heating or water heating systems. The colour touch LCD display is 4.3 inches in size and it supports four different languages. For creating your comfort temperature you can use the five modes to define the desired temperature depending on your lifestyle. Using the 5+1+1 programmable function you use the on/off settings which allow different temperatures per day.

You can adjust your settings using the three different sensors: Ambient (built-in sensor) for controlling air temperature, Floor Sensor for controlling the temperature using the floor probe and another Floor Sensor for controlling the room temperature.

+ Thermostat for electric floor heating (max. 16A) or water heating (max. 3A) systems
+ Colour touch LCD Display (4.3 inches)
+ Adjustable modes: comfort, economy, party, holiday, program mode control
+ Programmable per day (5+1+1 mode)
+ External and internal sensors
+ Four languages: English, French, German, Dutch
+ Power supply: 230VAC, 50/60Hz
+ Consumption: 1.5A
+ Current load: max. 16A
+ Wireless technology: Z-Wave

+ Voltage: 230V,50/60Hz
+ Consumption: 1.5A
+ Temp. Setting Range: 5-35°C
+ Ambient: 0-50°C
+ Relative Humidity: 85%
+ Backlight: colour
+ Sensor: NTC 10K ,3950ohms at 25°C
+ Protection Class: IP30
+ Housing: ABS to UL94-5 fire retardant plastic
+ Dimensions (WxHxL): 129.99 x 53.3 x 90.49 mm

Fully Compatible
+ POPE700823
+ POPE011801

NOT Compatible