Zipato Amper Meter Clamp 35A

Zipato Amper Meter Clamp 35A

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Expands Zipabox2 and Power Extension Module for energy metering

The Amper meter clamp 35A is used for efficiency monitoring and automation applications through the Zipabox2. This includes submetering cost allocation, dynamic energy consumption and peak load analysis. The Amper meter clamp 35A is simple to use, and is easy to install for metering purposes.

It is ideal for distributed measurement systems and can be retrofitted into existing installations and noninterruptible equipment as there is no requirement for disconnection and reconnection of wiring. We recommend that you use it as an extension to the Zipabox2 Power Expansion Module, where it can seamlessly blend into a variety of Zipato energy efficiency automation scenarios.

+ Nylon-spring, output-terminal, secure locking hinge, and the one-touch structure makes it easy to install to the existing equipment such as a the power distribution boards.
+ Isolated plastic case recognised according to UL94-VO UL / EN 61010 – 1 certified


+ Energy submeter
+ Power meters
+ Power quality monitoring
+ HVAC&Pumps, etc.
+ Distributed measurement system

Ratio and Nominal Errors
+ Model: JC16F Ø16
+ Current ratio: 120A/40MA
+ Current range: 0.01~120A (RL=10Ω)
+ Max.continuous current: 200A
+ Nominal phase angle error: +1.0±1°
+ Nominal linearity error: -1±1%

Operating Condition
+ Turns ratio: 3000:1 DCR: 280±20Ω
+ Protection level: 7.5V0-P
+ Insulation category: CAT III
+ -20°C~+50°C
+ ≤85%RH
+ No condensation
+ In-house and any direction installable storage condition

Regulatory Compliance