Zipato KNX Extension Module for Zipabox2

Zipato KNX Extension Module for Zipabox2

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  • Brand:Zipato
  • Support:Full UK/EU Based Tech Support
  • Technology:✓ KNX

Expands Zipabox2 to support KNX devices

The KNX Extension Module connects the Zipato Zipabox2 with a KNX network. Adding the KNX compatibility allows to connect and automate KNX compatible devices with various devices with working with other smart home protocols (e.g. Z-Wave, EnOcean, ZigBee) within one smart home network. The module allows to connect up to 250 KNX devices and supports bidirectional communication. Thereby, the devices report back theirs status to the smart home gateway.

+ Extension module for Zipato Zipabox2 (ZIPEBOX2)
+ Integrates up to 250 KNX device compatible devices
+ Connects devices with different technologies in combined automation rules
+ Available Port for additional modules

Physical Dimension
+ 86mm (L) x 30mm (W) x 48mm (H)

+ External supply 3.3-5V DC
+ Bus current consumption 9 mA

+ Ambient temperature during operation: – 5 to + 45 °C
+ Storage temperature: – 25 to + 70 °C
+ Rel. humidity (non-condensing): 5 % to 93 %

Regulatory Compiance (pending)

+ 1 year standard