Z-Wave.me USB Stick incl. Z-Way Controller Software

Z-Wave.me USB Stick incl. Z-Way Controller Software

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  • Brand:Z-Wave.Me
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  • Technology:✓ Z-Wave

UZB is the smallest Z-Wave USB stick in the market.

This USB Stick connects a PC or any other computing platform with USB interface to a wireless Z-Wave network. The device already contains a license to run Z-Way, the certified Z-Wave Controller software available for various operating systems and platforms.

This stick and Z-Way work with all certified Z-Wave devices regardless of its vendor or date of origin. Just plug in the USB stick to your Windows or Linux machine or Raspberry Pi and download Z-Way here. In short UZBWAY = UZB1 + Z-WAY

UZB supports Z-Wave Security S2 and Smart Start technologies.

Compared to the standard firmware design used by almost all Z-Wave USB Sticks and other Z-Wave Host Interface hardware, the UZB firmware offers several extensions and enhancements:

+ Backup and recovery function including network topology
+ Optimised transmitting queue handling to speed up transmitting process
+ Firmware update from the OS level in the field
+ Trusted Platform module applying strong encryption
+ Extended Wakeup Notification to extend battery life time of battery-operated devices in the network
+ Advanced statistics about network actual usage
+ Allows switching frequencies from software